About Heather

Hi! Welcome to my blog...my little spot in the blogosphere to connect with you. After traveling from the beaches of California to the peaks of Colorado and now to the far away land of North Carolina, I have left lots of friends and family along the way. I hope this is a way to stay connected. So sit back and grab a glass of wine, or coffee, or green tea and enjoy!

About me...I grew up in the tiny town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we had one stop light and no McDonalds. Since then I have hopped from big city to big city--Ft. Worth, New York, San Diego, Denver. I am a mountain girl who loves the lights and convenance of the big city. I pretty much couldn't survive without a Target nearby.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a sexy hubby, (aka, Honey) and two black lab puppies CJ and Lucy. We live in a cozy little house in Fayetteville, North Carolina. When I found out we were moving, I was given one piece of advice from a friend who grew up in Fayetteville--RUN. Unfortunately the military doesn't care what I think and here we are.

Beyond all that, my passions include--
  • Reading--my favorite activity, which is probably why I majored in English and am now somewhat unemployed.
  • Traveling--when I am hard up for a blog topic I will probably just post random photos from my travels. I have been all through Central America, a little in Asia, not enough in South America, tiny bits in Europe, and am hoping for an Africa trip next. 
  • Cooking/Baking--this is a new passion...ask my Mom, since I never showed any interest while growing up. I guess I have always loved baking but now also love cooking healthy/easy meals. 
  • Trying Something New--it seems nicer to say Trying Something New or Challenging Myself rather than Gets Bored Easily. I am always taking on some new project or hobby, which may or may not last but I like to think they make me well rounded. Right?
  • Teaching--I love teaching. Teaching kids, teaching adults, teaching my puppy. I find I am good at breaking things down and explaining them. I guess that the blog will let me do a little teaching here and there so I hope you learn something new!

I am sure there is more to say but I feel like that is plenty! If you have specific questions about me, just drop me an email and I will respond back. 

If you would like to use any of my posts please link back to me. I appreciate the great complement of someone wanting to use my words/ideas but please give me credit where it is due...I promise to do the same for you! I do not allow use of my photos unless you email me, and under some circumstances I will give a written release. Otherwise they are copyrighted. Thank you. 

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