March 26, 2014

If Only I Was Jennifer Aniston in Cute Undies...

This morning I felt like I was in a movie...of course if I had been I would have been played by Jennifer Aniston and would have had on a very cute matching panties and bra set...Probably in purple lace.

But alas, I am not and was not.

I was all dressed, smart and sophisticated, for work (ha, you know me better than that--I had a dress from Target on) and was feeding Bug his blueberry yogurt. Something happened and I knocked my coffee cup causing a good deal to spill onto my dress and me to yell "Fuck!"

**Side note--a great advantage to having a developmentally delayed child who doesn't talk is that I can still cuss. He isn't getting mama out, so I am confident fuck isn't coming anytime soon.**

Anyway. As with all cuss words, Bug starts giggling. He must love the tone of voice. And as I look at him, I realize in my mopping up coffee, cussing, and dress dabbing mania I had forgotten him.

And his yogurt.

That he loves to eat by scooping it with one hand and trying to place that liquid onto his spoon to then attempt to get to his mouth. It is an art he hasn't yet quite mastered.

Now I admit, he doesn't look that bad here because like every good mother I started to clean him up before deciding I needed a picture of the chaos. Originally his entire right arm from fingers to elbow was magically covered in yogurt.

At this point I realize there is no salvaging the outfit and so I strip off the dress and spray it with stain stuff while pleading with Bug to use his spoon, not his fingers.

Like he can use a spoon...

Thus commencing what would have been my Jennifer Aniston scene.

Me in only my undies, standing in the kitchen, spoon feeding a purple-faced baby his yogurt.

Wishing I had some coffee.

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