April 30, 2014

34 Year Olds Can Have Temper Tantrums Too! At Least I Have Rock of Ages and Wine

The last couple of weeks have been full of ups and downs.


Last week I had a full-on, three-year-old-style temper tantrum. I couldn't find my keys. Now typically I put them in the same place...always...to avoid self-induced trauma. But I obviously hadn't done that.

So, instead, I looked in my purse. Now I was pretty sure I could hear them in my purse--jangling to mock me---but couldn't find them.

Meanwhile, one dog was whining, the baby was whining, I hadn't slept because of a cough, I hadn't had nearly enough coffee, and I. Was. On. The. Edge.

So what happened next wasn't really that uncalled for.

I threw down the purse...no wait...I put the baby down...THEN

I threw down the purse, cussed a blue streak, watched all the miscellaneous items explode out of the purse, and sat on the ground in a huff.

Deep breath.

Bug was sweet enough to start handing me lozenges that had been strewn on the floor, and I grabbed a tampon before it made its way into his mouth. One dog cowered, one ate stale Triscuits.

The keys were sitting on the table in front of me. Good to know that Bug will be good at throwing tantrums. He comes by it honestly.

Now the Up:

Wine tastes fabulous in mini, three-inch high plastic cups. (Ignore the blurry picture and check out the cool cups!)

My friend and I scored tickets to Rock of Ages and the pre/post/intermission party thrown by an affiliate of my company. Two hot mommas on the town with no babies and free wine.

Good stuff.

Stuff a Saturday morning hangover is MADE of!

But we had a great time, got to meet the cast and during intermission when our wine hadn't been finished, the bartender was sweet enough to fill up a little three-inch high plastic cup (complete with lid and straw) so we could take it in to the show.

Because nothing says 80's like drinking wine out of a straw, right??

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