May 2, 2012

What Did She Say?

Living in the South, I have learned a few new phrases. Most of them I have learned at my job as I work with good Southern folk that have lived in Fayetteville many years and are from these parts in general. I have not included these into my vocabulary at all, but you never know when they might pop up in the future.

1. Wide Open..."We are wide open at work this week!"

In my mind this would mean, our schedule at work is wide kinda slow. Really the only things I would usually describe as wide open would be space, busted lips, schedules, and someone's legs.

Well, it actually means the opposite. It means we are crazy busy. Honey explained it had something to do with a throttle and if it is wide open you are going really fast. Which makes sense because I have also heard it used in relationship to an energetic child, a festival, and someone's weekend.

2. Blow him up..."If he doesn't send a check I am going to blow him up!"

Again, my literal understanding of this word and the actual meaning are not at all the same. I would think my boss was about to kill someone with a bomb. I don't think I have ever said I would blow someone up...maybe kill, mutilate, strangle...but not blow up.

Real meaning here--Call a bunch. Blow up his phone. Though blowing someone up could also be done through email it seems. I thought maybe it had to do with being angry and chewing someone out, which seems to be how it is used most at work, but I am pretty sure you can "blow" anyone you want to talk to very badly "up".

3. Vegetable Sides..."Wha vegetable side you wan with yo chickn meal?"

No I haven't taken to eating much fried chicken, but I have often been in charge of picking up lunch for some of my coworkers while out running errands. My favorite options for vegetable sides have been at the Barbeque Hut where they have: Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, or Fries listed as their vegetable sides. He he he! Guess they haven't really looked at a food pyramid in a while.

Some other options around here are Collards, Pintos, or Corn. I guess barbeque joints just aren't much for steamed broccoli or salad...well unless you get potato salad.
Another lunch favorite!

Maybe you readers who live/have lived in the south could give me more direction on some of these phrases. They crack me up! What is your favorite phrase from the South?

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