April 11, 2012

Bet You Haven't Seen Dogs do This

My puppy, Lucy, has a very weird habit. I promise I did not teach her this, nor did anyone else in my family. I have only seen anything like it once while watching some kind of documentary on Africa...

She likes to eat the food between CJ's teeth. (Lucy is 5 months and CJ is 3 years).

Lucy's on top, CJ's teeth are bared to be licked...

And he seems to like it.

Obviously I understand the attraction, for her. There is food in there. For CJ, it is like going to a slobbery dentist.

Now I know there are some animals that live like this. Isn't there a bird that lives by cleaning a hippo's teeth? (I probably didn't watch that Africa documentary all that closely). But it grosses me out.

She could go to town on his mouth for like 15 minutes if I would let her. He lays on his back and she straddles him and nearly puts her mouth into his. Okay now this is sounding sexual...maybe that's the attraction for him?

Ok now even grosser...I'm done thinking about it.


  1. Bella does that with Abbie's ears! It is so disgusting. Maybe it's a lab thing that we just aren't meant to understand...

  2. My Aunt's dog does that to her other dog too. She has a little mutt and a big mutt and the little one cleans the big ones teeth and ears all the time. Totally gross!

  3. I guess it is a good thing my dogs aren't the only ones with gross habits! I wonder what habits we humans have that the dogs look at us and think we are disgusting?!

  4. Awww they love each other! ♥ Baloo is always licking Tarzan's gums and Jane's too-- it's a display of them knowing who is in charge. Lucy is doing it to CJ to show him he's the dominant dog. :) The food stuck between the teeth is just a bonus.

    PS: I've seen my dogs do WAY 'grosser' things. hahaha


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