July 5, 2012

Fabulous New York

I know many couples take "Babymoons" before the little bundle of joy comes (which we totally plan to do) but I think a "Mommymoon" is also necessary. So my Mommymoon took place in New York a couple weeks ago and it was...fabulous.

I lived in New York for a year as a nanny in Westchester County but hadn't really been back since then. Now the kids are in college so it's been a while. Big changes have taken place since 2003--the World Trade Center Memorial, tables in the middle of Times Square, no Au Bon Pain's at every corner.

World Trade Center Memorial
The first two are great, but no Au Bon Pain's??? I used to love going there for chocolate croissants while I pondered why my employers wanted me to teach their 12 year old daughter how to shave her armpits...was that really in my job description? There were still a few of the cafes, here and there, but I remember them as THE staple food group of my city trips.

New York Pizza, baby!

Besides that disappointment it was a wonderful trip. I wandered up and down 5th Avenue, visited FAO Swartz, went to Times Square for greasy pizza, and mosied through Central Park.

My favorite spot in Central Park

I love Central Park. When I was young and naive, I was sure the man of my dreams would propose to me in Central Park, preferable on one of the little boats.

Considering Honey has spent very little time in New York, that wasn't likely. And his proposal on a pier in San Diego at sunset was way better anyway.

But I digress...so in New York I was able to see family, visit friends, go to the beach on Long Island, have a hotel room all to myself. And I could have dressed up all fancy with some Manolo Blahniks and partied myself to exhaustion until 4 in the morning. It is the city that never sleeps.

But let's face it--I am pregnant, and walking around the city makes me tired, so that partying thing didn't happen. I did bring Junior's chocolate swirl cheesecake back to the hotel room and curled up watching Law and Order. (Carrie Bradshaw might not have appoved, but Miranda would have given me a high five.)

And it was fabulous.
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